PTO Spotlight: Meenakshi Garodia


IMG_5250PTO Q & A with Meenakshi Garodia:Q: Tell us about your family.A: My family in the US is my adorable son Neil in third grade and my husband Dinkar and I have a large family outside of the US.Q: Tell us about the programs you are involved in at Driscoll.A: Some of the program's I help with are "Music to My Ears", DASA (though to be fair I haven't really done anything for it so far- more next year) and am one of the village leaders for the third grade.Q: Music to My Ears is coming up this week, what do you think is the best part of this program?A: The opportunity for the children to hear really good music being played live.Q: Do you have advice for fellow parents looking to get involved?A: Jump in! It normally doesn't take as much time as you think it may.Q: Tell us about your hobbies.A: I have a small cooking show, write a blog sporadically and love doing ceramics.