School Links


School District Website
Twitter: @BrooklinePublic
Facebook: BrooklinePublicSchools

Brookline Public Schools Calendar

2019-20 District Calendar

The calendar shows early dismissals, first and last day of school, and dates the school is closed.

Driscoll School Handbook

Driscoll 101 Parent Handbook

The handbook outlines things like school and office hours, dress code, absence policies, lunch and catering links, and more.

Menus (Breakfast and Lunch)

Find out what’s for lunch by visiting the Public Schools of Brookline Menu Pages (site currently unavailable until the school year starts)

Parent & Community Resources


Brookline Parent Education Network

B-PEN (Brookline Parent Education Network)  helps parents navigate the social, emotional and developmental challenges affecting today’s teens and pre-teens – common challenges that can lead to risky behavior. An outreach initiative that collaborates with Brookline school administrators and PTO’s, the organization’s goals are to facilitate parent connections:

* with other parents,
* with school and town resources, and
* with helpful information via written/electronic materials on a wide variety of
teen concerns.

To learn more, go to


Special Education Parent Advisory Council

The Brookline Special Education Parent Advisory Council (SEPAC) is an all-volunteer organization of parents/guardians of children with disabilities in the preschool, elementary school, high school, and in out of district schools (via Brookline placements) who meet to learn more about special education in Brookline.