PTO Programs

These programs and events are coordinated and sponsored by the PTO for the enrichment and support of Driscoll students and teachers.

Arts Equinox

Arts Equinox is a two-day celebration each year that is unique to Driscoll School, including workshops, art education, and projects involving the Driscoll community.

Book Fair

The Driscoll book fair is held for one week each fall, as a fundraiser for the Driscoll Library


Driscoll After School Programs are after-school enrichment opportunities coordinated by the PTO. DASA classes are offered for three sessions each year.

Driscoll Garden Program

The Driscoll School Garden Program is a parent-lead effort to promote outdoor garden-based experiential learning.

The Program’s mission is to create a living outdoor classroom that empowers students to love learning, cultivate relationships, embrace nature and engage with the world as innovators and catalysts.

Library Support

Parent volunteers are essential to ensure that library books in good shape and circulating so our kids have every opportunity to find their next favorite book.  Last year, the library circulating 29,000 books, That’s a lot of shelving!

Learn how you can help, whether it’s an hour a month, or an hour a week.

Room Parents & Village Leaders

Room Parents and Village Leaders are parent volunteers who help improve communication channels. Each class has one or two room parents and each grade has a few Village Leaders — the entire grade is one village.

Science Solstice

Every December, Driscoll School celebrates Science Solstice: a day when the whole school suspends its regular routine to do science.

More program information coming soon!