Arts Equinox

Arts Equinox is a two-day celebration of the arts and a beloved tradition in the community.  This event is unique to Driscoll and allows teachers, administrators, parents and students to halt the normal school day to explore their creative side.  Artistic parents give workshops in student classes, professionals visit Driscoll to conduct hands on workshops, and some students travel to venues in the community for a one-of-a-kind experience. Think comic creation, set-design, flamenco dancers, Shakespeare, drumming, storytelling, painting, drawing and more! Even more, this event includes a talent show for our students and a special event, Music to My Ears, which gives Driscoll students a chance to hear live music performed by musician parents.

Working together, our community provides opportunities for students to enrich their imagination. If you would like to present a project in your child’s grade, perform at Music to My Ears, organize classroom supplies or if you have connections in the art world that you would be willing to share, please reach out to