PTO Spotlight


Lakia's FamilyPTO Q & A with outgoing PTO Co-chair Lakia Rutherford:Q: Tell us about your family.A:  I have 5 children, Destinee (14 years old) 8-1, Darius (11 years old) 5H, Darin (9 years old) 4W, Danielle (2 years old) and Daniel (1 year old).Q: Tell us how you came to serve as PTO Co-Chair?A: About 6 years ago I was appointed as the METCO liaison for the greater Brookline METCO K-8 Family group, which awarded me a seat on the PTO Board. The Treasurer at that time was looking for a Co-Treasurer, it was to be minimal work, deposit checks and record activity. I figured I could handle it.The following year I moved into the treasurer role, I was then asked if I would be interested in serving as a Co-Chair, which I have done for the past 3 years. I have enjoyed representing the parent body while pushing for programs that support our children and teachers in a manner that promotes mutual respect.Q: Tell us what we should know about the PTO and how it helps Driscoll.A: The Driscoll PTO is a great organization that provides developmental, educational and recreational activities and events for the Driscoll Community as well as the greater Brookline community. Being a part of the Driscoll community you often are unaware that not every school has a Science Solstice or an Arts Equinox yet our PTO year after year works hard to ensure that these traditions live on as a testament to its dedication to ensure that our children receive a well-rounded education.Q: Do you have advice for the next PTO Co-Chair?A: Any person willing to sit on a board with a group of energetic and motivated, well intentioned individuals will need to be prepared to work hard as a team, actively listen and agree to disagree, yet always keep in mind that all of the hard work is for the children.