PTO Spotlight: Tracy Rieur



imageQ & A with Parent Volunteer Tracy Rieur: Q: What is your name, child(ren)'s name/grade?A: Phoebe 5, Olivia 10. Q: What is your day job?A: Massage therapist/Office manager. Q: What specific roles for the PTO did you work on for Driscoll?And for how long?A: Room parent coordinator 5 yrs, various one time activites- book fair, arts equinox, action, spring fair! Q: Why did you feel volunteering for Driscoll was important?A: Becoming involved in your child's school community is really a great thing- you get to know the kids, teachers, administration, and fellow parents. You really become part of this special community! Q: What did you learn from volunteering?A: That no matter the amount of time you can spend- it always is helpful. Q: What was FUN about volunteering?A: Getting to know everyone involved. It is nice to get to know others outside of just back to school night and class room presentation days. Q: Would you encourage others?A: Absolutely! An hour or two if you've got it from time to time is always appreciated and always a great help! Q: What surprised you about volunteering?A: That I always really felt part of this wonderful community, and usually had great fun in the process. Q: What advice might you give someone who is looking to volunteer?A: No Matter the amount of time you have to volunteer- a couple hours a week or month, or a couple hours a year, it is well worth the time to get to know Driscoll and others in the community- and I think you will find that it is fun in the process! Q: Anything else?A: Driscoll really needs your help in anyway, we are always looking for volunteers, no matter how big or small the job.