PTO Spotlight with Snehal Bhatt


IMG_6171PTO Spotlight with Snehal BhattQ: Tell us about your family.A: We came to Driscoll from the Advent School when Maya was in third grade.  Getting involved was a great way to get to know the community and a new school.  I live in Brookline with my husband Geary, my son Rohan in 5K, and my daughter Maya who is in 8C.  We love tennis, board games, travel, hiking, soccer and 3/4 of us love roller coasters (1/4 of us get sick watching microfilm go by).Q: Tell us how you've been involved at Driscoll?A: I chaired the movie program and worked with the PTO board for 3 years.  I chaired two book fairs and I have served as class parent for both of my kids every year since they were in preschool.   I’ve organized group gifts every year as well as set up many outings so our families can get to know each other outside of school.   I served as an ECS parent representative to the town from Driscoll for two years.  I’ve volunteered for Green Room (cooking/serving food), teacher appreciation week, Chinese New Year (organized crafts), Arts Equinox (taught street dance, supervised art projects), Understanding Our Differences Program, and worked at the Spring Fair.  At our old school, I chaired our auction and organized our grade-wide art projects and auction baskets every year, organized a school-wide making of Stone Soup to build community, and ran our annual schoolwide trip to Big Apple Circus for five years.  I’ve chaperoned almost every one of both of my kids’ field trips with the exception of a few.  I’ve run three bake sales to raise money for eighth grade graduation and I spend a good portion of my time coaching our math league/team for the past four years.  I love working with the Dragons.  They are the hardest working, most earnest, wonderful kids I’ve ever met.  I’ve learned through all of this that Driscoll has a ton of talent and as a community, we can move mountains when we pull together.Q: Do your kids have a favorite PTO program?A: For my kids, I think their favorite PTO program has to be our upcoming Spring Fair (Make sure you volunteer, even 1 hour!).  Why do I do all this?  I love my kids and I get them for a short time before they grow up and fly away so I don’t want to miss a thing.  Who else has skin in the game, right?  It’s up to us to make this community beautiful.  I grew up in a small town and with a very close, supportive community behind me and it meant everything to me.  Everything I do is so I can give that back to my kids.  Driscoll has such a wealth of kindness, love, knowledge and expertise in our parent and teacher community…tap it and reach the sky!Q: Fun Fact: What's something we should know about you that we don't?A: As for what you might not know about me, I love tennis, shameless karaoke, I play a mean game of ping pong, hiking, skiing (too injured now but love it), board games, a juicy novel, I studied dance for all my life (and would have tried to do it professionally if not injured) and binge watching cheesy CW series no one would want to publicly admit to watching.  I am not ashamed to say I love disco music.  I was probably the only kid on my block who watched Soul Train every weekend and dreamt of being a solid gold dancer.   I never met a superhero movie I didn’t like (Marvel over DC comics, hands down).  An economist by training, someday I’ll get back to it, but for now, I’m raising humans, and it’s a coin toss as to whether they are learning more from me or I am learning more from them.