PTO Spotlight with Driscoll Math Specialist, Jenna Laib!


unnamed-2PTO Spotlight with Driscoll Math Specialist, Jenna Laib!Q: How long have you been at Driscoll?  Tell us what you did before coming to Driscoll.A: This is my sixth year at Driscoll. Before that, I taught 4th grade in Billerica, MA. I also worked as a math coach and math specialist at a school in Newton and several other schools in Brookline.Q: Tell us how you became interested in math and all things supportive and enriching.A: Math has fascinated me for as long as I can remember! I love searching for patterns and discovering connections. When I was a kid, I liked playing with numbers and solving puzzles. Later, as a classroom teacher, I found myself fascinated not only by math but by my students’ mathematical thinking. There are so many ways to make sense of the same problem or idea.Q: What is your favorite part of the teaching day?  What is most important to you as you spend your days with children? A: I like that my schedule is always changing; I am all over the building!  You might see me teaching in a 2nd grade classroom, then with some 7th graders in a small group, and later meeting with teachers. That said, my favorite thing to do might be one-on-one math interviews with kids. Driscoll students teach me so much!Q: Fun Fact! What's something we should know about you that we don't?A: I am very close to my siblings, even though they live on three different continents, and we aren’t all biologically related. My sister and stepbrother both live in Boston (North America), my brother and his wife live in England (Europe), and my two brothers-in-law live in Algeria (Africa). We are grateful for tools like Skype that allow us to stay in touch!