PTO Spotlight with Driscoll School Secretary Kim Longmore


driscoll pto logoPTO Spotlight with Driscoll School Secretary, Kim Longmore!Q: How long have you been at Driscoll?  Tell us what you did before coming to Driscoll.A: I have been at Driscoll 6 years and the town of Brookline for 10 years.Before that I worked at Plimoth Plantation, as everything from a Pilgrim, the basket maker, and the Education Programs Manager.Q: Give us an idea of the scope of your daily responsibilities.A: I do everything from attendance, communications between the teachers, parents, and children.Also,I do staff payroll, ordering all the supplies, keeping track of everyone’s records etc.Anything anyone needs, they can come to me, and I’ll find a way to help them.Q: What is your favorite part of the day?  What is most important to you as you spend your days with children, teachers, parents and administrators?A: Number one are the kids, I love when a child comes to see me just to say hello, or give me a hug, or to tell me how their day is going. That is the best!Q: Fun Fact! What's something we should know about you that we don't?A: I have been the recipient of two travelling fellowships from Harvard University, where I studied and documented the last living apprentices and their lives and arts in England, Scotland and Wales.