PTO Spotlight with Parent David Belchick


img_0177PTO Spotlight with David Belchick (dad to Isabel 5H, Gabi 4M and William 2S):Q: How long have you lived in Brookline? What brought you here? Tell us about your family.A: We moved to Brookline in 2006 and have lived here ever since except for a short stint in New York.  We moved here for the schools after our oldest daughter, Isabel, was born.  I am so lucky to be married to the amazing Robyn Hunter and have 3 wonderful children-Isabel, Gabi and William Hunter.  Because I am the only Belchick in the family, I often get the reaction after introducing myself and someone else clarifies who I am related to which is usually "Oh, YOU'RE Robyn's husband?" because I emote less and am the only person in the family who has no musical inclination .Q:  What is your favorite Driscoll program?A: Easy: Spring FairQ: Tell us about your hobbies.A: I like to do a lot of things but have let life get in the way of hobbies.  I would like to start playing tennis again, but my attempts with a regular playing partner (you know who you are) are erratic.  Lately, I am an unpaid uber driver for 3 children's soccer and ballet programs.  If you need to know where Taunton is or which ways to get to lower Newton on which days, I am the one to ask.Q: What are your hopes and dreams for your family?A: That they are happy and healthy and are able to give their families and the world more than I have when my time here ends.Q: If you could thank your children for one thing, what would it be?A: Thank you for doing everything you do with bravery, humanity and kindness, even when others might not deserve it.  Also, a reminder to not always focus on the endpoint.