What’s Growing On? Driscoll Garden News


What’s Growing On? Driscoll Garden NewsHave you had a chance to check it out? There is still a lot growing in our raised beds.Danielle, of Green City Growers, and the DASA Gardening team have added beets, spinach, and bok choy under the cold frame. They also pulled out some “misplaced” garlic that was planted to early.  If you want garlic to be added to the garden, please let us know! We will create a space for the garlic and talk about the process of growing garlic. The DASA Garden Team have also been removing bugs considered pests: namely cabbage worms and Japanese beetle grubs. And, of course, watering, weeding and feeding (compost).  They also learned about sheet mulching, utilizing newspaper and salt hay in one bed to help retain moisture for the remainder of the season. (The irrigation has been disconnected for the winter). Don’t forget: while it’s time to blow out your irrigation and store your garden hoses, your yard/perennials will still like water at least every couple weeks, and our winters actually can have dry spells.  Compost and mulch can help.