Science Solstice 2017


Driscoll PTO's Science Solstice is almost here! On Fri. Dec. 8, Driscoll celebrates “Science Solstice:” a day when the whole school suspends its regular routine to do science.Grades K to 5 stay in the building and are ‘wowed” by science with presentations of live animals and simple machines, from the Museum of Science and Mass Audubon Society. Students learn about the scientific methods as they build paper geodesics dome, learn how the human brain works or discover states of matter.  At the end of the day, they respond through writing and drawing about the question: “What do scientists do?” These activities are planned and run by Driscoll parents. ****We could still use a few more parent volunteers! We especially need a parent volunteer in 1st grade classrooms. But we could also use a few extra volunteers to be scientist assistants that day. Please email if you can consider helping out.The middle schoolers (6th. 7th and 8th graders) leave the building and each student visits one working science lab or facility. Lab tours and activities are arranged by Driscoll parents. These field trips both pique students’ interest in science and expose them to different careers in science and technology.  ****As a reminder to middle school parents, please pack a lunch for your child on Science Solstice. They are out of school nearly the entire day so they cannot buy lunch in the cafeteria.All in all, it’s a great day of learning and discovery! Thank you to all the parent scientists and those who have volunteered their time for the morning already.