Science Fair Deadline Approaching


Dear Driscoll Families,Welcome back from the February break!  We want to remind all families that it is not too late to sign up for the Driscoll Science Fair!  The deadline to register is Friday, March 2nd.  See more information below.Driscoll Science Fair- Saturday, March 10, 2018Driscoll School Gymnasium & CafeteriaQUESTION: Will I rock the foundations of science with my work at the Driscoll SchoolScience Fair?HYPOTHESIS: I most certainly will!MATERIALS:1. Registration form (available in Main Office, Library, and Driscoll Science Fair web site)2. Ideas for a science fair project. Ideas for projects can be found at Complete registration form on line at, or sign up in the Main Office.2. Formulate question, propose hypothesis, design experiment, collect data, makeobservations, draw conclusions.3. Keep log book and develop attractive tri-fold poster.4. Present results at Science Fair on March 10, 2018.DATA: All grades invited to participate!!!Family and Friends invited to admire.CONCLUSIONS: Best Science Fair ever!We look forward to seeing you there!Best,Dr. Talukdar, Mr. Youkilis, and Driscoll P.T.O.