The Driscoll Garden Team is Growing

What’s Growing On?The Driscoll Garden team is growing. We had a good turn out Wednesday, for our (re)kick off meeting. We are laying the groundwork for the next phase of garden program development. We are organizing a formal leadership committee to apportion the many tasks involved. We also discussed: articulating a focused mission and goals; utilizing an incremental approach to curriculum integration; ideas for fundraising and community events; and the new after school gardening class.The new parent-lead after school garden class begins this week, and has several students registered. We will be amending the soil, planting the beds, and taking stock of maintenance needs as we make observations in the garden. We will discuss the needs of plants, the differences between native/natural and domestic/cultivated, and relate that to what we know about expected behavior in our community in order to agree on rules for our class and visitors to the garden.Parents have already stepped up to fill some garden committee positions, but there are still opportunities for those willing to help on the committee or to take on specific tasks. Please help us to create an awesome outdoor experiential learning environment for the whole school. Contact us to get involved: