What's Growing in the Driscoll Garden

WHAT'S GROWING ON? Our carrot, snap pea and lettuce seeds have sprouted outside - see if you can spot them. The after school garden class has been learning all about seeds, as we get the raised beds going for the season. Honestly, I’m geeking out about some amazing seed facts. We learned two-thirds of all calories consumed by humans come from the endosperm within seeds. The students enjoyed eating the illustrative sample endosperm (popcorn). And that power-packed sack-lunch a mother plant puts in every tiny pebble-baby-spaceship (a.k.a. seed), is what makes it possible for the embryo to travel great distances of space and time - like the 32,000 year old Silene embryo from Siberia that was germinated in 2012, and then grew to produce it’s own seed. But time isn’t as kind to humans, so we must move on next week, past germination to growth and nutrient cycles, as we nurture our growing voyagers/vegetables.

Let’s all nurture our other voyagers, our students. There is so much potential at Driscoll, to create an awesome outdoor experiential learning environment for the entire school community. But, a lone turd does not a compost pile make. WE NEED YOUR HELP! to make it happen. Become a garden committee member, and share the green glory, and corny humor. Corn!All kidding aside, there are many ways to help, and most of them don’t involve gardening. Creating and maintaining a successful school garden program requires an organized leadership committee to apportion the many tasks involved. It’s a lot of work for a simple gardener, but pieces of cake for a skilled team. You have the skills - bring them. YOU! CAKE!The next Driscoll Garden committee meeting will be Wednesday May 9th, 8:00 am (location TBD). Contact us to get involved: driscollschoolgarden@gmail.com