The Latest from the Driscoll Garden


What’s Growing On?We are recovering from a great Spring Fair. Thanks to our volunteers, and all those who stopped by the garden to learn about and support the garden program. We shared 150 salads grown organically in our school garden by students. We are composting the plates and forks. Fairgoers also helped paint 120 pickets that we will use to make a mini-picket fence to brighten up the garden and protect flower seedlings.  The fence will be installed within the next two weeks.Our Wednesday after school class was chaotic, occurring right before the start of the fair.  We tried our luck at bug racing, and we also did an exploration activity I’m thinking of calling Who’s In My Pile - basically we met organisms that inhabit garden material piles. Various insects, invertebrates, cephalopods, amphibians, and reptiles were observed, handled and discussed.We have begun signing up families for summer garden maintenance/harvesting. SIGN UP your family to get hands-on with your Driscoll Garden, and reap the rewards. You can choose one or more weeks to be responsible for monitoring, watering, weeding, harvesting, and eating. Victor will conduct an orientation class in June, and be on-call all summer to answer questions and help solve problems.The next garden committee meeting will be Wednesday June 6th, 8:00 am in the cafeteria. There is so much potential at Driscoll, to create an awesome outdoor experiential learning environment for the entire school community. Let's keep growing!Contact us to get involved: