PTO Spotlight with Rena Sokolow

RenaPTO Spotlight with Rena Sokolow:Q: Tell us about your family.A:  Ours is a family of East Coasters. John and I grew up in New York, met on a tiny island off the coast of Maine and got married in Boston. Eric, Lucas and Carl were born in Canada and were happy to meet Louis and Grace when they were born in Brookline. We keep busy by rooting for opposing sports teams, working out, playing soccer, singing and taking family vacations that include both active and restful weeks. We celebrate many holidays, bake for them all and eat really well.Q: You created the Driscoll School, and PTO logos. Tell us about that process, and your inspiration for the design.A: I am a graphic designer. At one2tree we design books, posters, invitations, brochures, exhibitions and logos. Creating a logo, a graphic that is unique to a company or organization is not as easy as you might think. The computer is my tool, but ideas fuel my projects. I start by brainstorming and making lists. For this project my list included toddlers, 8th graders, notebooks, pencils, books, teachers, dragons, doors, numbers, primary colors and upper and lower case letters. Pages and pages of ideas were put to the test. In the end the suggestion of binder holes and primary colors with a modern lower case d gave the Driscoll School its unique mark.Q: Do you have any advice for parents interested in becoming involved at Driscoll?A: I am proud to wear my Driscoll T-shirt and not only because I designed it. Being part of the PTO, especially when kids are young is a great way to connect with other families and to teach kids the importance of volunteering.Q: Do your kids have a favorite PTO program?A: The Spring Fair, Arts Equinox and Kids for Kids have been very popular in our house.Q: Fun Fact: What do you like doing in your free time?A: In my free time I love to cycle down Beacon Street, into Newton and beyond