PTO Spotlight with Lori Popakostas


PTO Spotlight with Lori PopakostasFamily photoQ: Tell us about your family.A: We have lived in Brookline for 11 years. Our children Ellie (4th Grade) and Yanni (6th Grade) have attended Driscoll since they were 2 and 3 years old!Q: For many years you edited the Driscoll Blue Sheet. Tell us how you came to do that and your other involvement in the school / PTO.A: I was asked by another PTO member when my son was in Kindergarten. It was a great fit as I was able to work from home and around my schedule. It was also a fantastic way to stay current with school and town events.Q: Do you have any advice for parents interested in becoming involved at Driscoll?A: I highly recommend it as a way to get to know parents and staff at Driscoll. There are so many ways one can volunteer in various capacities that would fit your schedule.Q: Do your kids have a favorite PTO program?A: DASA is a favorite! They have enjoyed classes in Photography, It's Electric, Art, and Yoga.Q: What do you like to do in your free time?A: In addition to traveling, I enjoy cooking, hiking, cycling, and playing tennis