PTO Spotlight with Mary Schlaff


IMG_1275PTO Spotlight with parent Mary SchlaffQ: Tell us about your family.A: We moved from Auburndale to Brookline about 10 years ago - we just fell in love with the community here.  Ben has two older siblings, Dan and Rachel, who are in their twenties and thirties.  They live in DC so we visit as much as we can.   Dan married this past summer in New Orleans and Ben was his best man and wrote a "spontaneous" hiku in addition to his best man’s speech. It was a pretty special time as a family and we are living off the glow of those days together. As a family we enjoy movies, reading and rousing political discussions and jokes at dinner.  Tony’s life’s work is in pubIic health although sailing is his passion.  I am an event planner at  Northeastern. We love to cook and entertain and the guys love to eat so it is a win-win.  Sports-wise we love the Celtics, the Giants and the Patriots - we are New Yorkers but Ben is a Bostonian and loyal to the home teams!Q: Tell us how you've been involved at Driscoll?A: I became involved in the Auction when Ben was in Kindergarten - Mary McConnell’s class.  The Lazowski’s pulled me in when they heard that I was an event planner and together we redesigned it and moved it to the gym, turning it into a larger revenue producing event. It was lots of fun to do and more importantly at one time it was a great community builder. I was a room parent for a few years as well.  As the kids became older and we weren’t encouraged to come into the school I just naturally became less involved.  I miss those younger years.Q: Do your kids have a favorite PTO program?A: I would have to say that the Spring Fair is probably the most fun event for Ben - do you blame him?!Q: Fun Fact: What's something we should know about you that we don't? OR What do you like doing in your free time?A: As a couple, Tony and I love to sail - Ben does not unfortunately although we will drag him this summer to the Vineyard.  I love history - reading it, visiting historic sites, researching it. I joined recently and I must admit I probably need an intervention! Ben has acquired that interest in history as well.  As a family we just enjoy hanging out together - it is very easy and we enjoy each other’s company.