Creating More Inclusive, Safer Spaces for all Students


Hello Driscoll Families!

It’s May--one of the busiest times of year at Driscoll.  Yes, students are being assessed through MCAS, but more importantly, there is awesome teaching and learning going on!

I want to draw your attention to two very important dates on our May and June calendars.  In one of my recent Principal Corner notes, I mentioned our work at Driscoll in creating more inclusive, safer spaces for all students.  I mentioned our work as a staff utilizing resources that help us speak up and then support students when we hear comments that feed bias or hate.  

As I mentioned that I would, I invite you to join us for a two-part conversation about how we make our school a safe space for all students--particularly our low income students and our students of color.  Questions we’ll discuss include:

-Do all families at Driscoll feel welcome?  How can we make all Driscoll families feel welcome?

-Do students feel like they need to “check” parts of their identity at the door?  If so, what steps do we need to take to make sure this is not the case.

-How can we attract and maintain a more diverse staff?

-What action steps can we take that will lead to lasting change in this area?

Please join us to discuss these questions (and others that folks raise) and lay out a roadmap for improvement for the 17-18 school year.  These discussions will take place in Heidi’s Office on Thursday, May 25th and Thursday, June 8th, right after drop off.  Please email me if you’d like to join us!  I hope we’ll see a diverse group of parents at these important meetings!

Heidi Cook, Principal