Driscoll Principal Transition


Dear Driscoll Families,As you all know, Driscoll School has a significant transition on the horizon.A school leadership transition can be bumpy, but I am absolutely thrilled that my colleague, Dr. Talukdar will lead the Driscoll School as the interim principal for the 2017-2018 school year!Dr. Talukdar and I have always had an excellent working relationship and I believe that will be a real asset to the Driscoll Community!  Here are some of the ways we are already working together to ensure a smooth transition:

  • Dr. Talukdar and I will be visiting classrooms together this week.  This will give me an opportunity to talk with students about the transition and to introduce Dr. Talukdar at the same time.
  • Dr. Talukdar and I will have a chance to review former and current School Improvement Plans and we will have a chance to discuss the strengths of Driscoll School and the areas of improvement that have been identified.
  • I will ensure that Dr. Talukdar understands the work we have begun this year, including the group that has been meeting about issues of equity at Driscoll.
  • I will ensure that Dr. Talukdar understands our current policies, procedures and ways of working so she has a good understanding of what’s happening now as she leads going forward.

I will always hold a very special place in my heart for Driscoll and I will do whatever I can to ensure the success of Driscoll students into the future.  If there is anything specific you think would be helpful in this time of transition, please let me know.Warmly,Heidi