Current Volunteer Openings for the PTO


Every parent and caregiver, along with every teacher, is automatically part of the Driscoll PTO; it is up to you to decide how active a member you will be.  The PTO is your voice and venue to be involved and heard, but without parent support we can not continue to offer the level of programming that all of our families have come to depend on.  There are numerous ways to get involved with the PTO: on a one time basis at one of the various parent-run events held throughout the year, or on a more regular basis through one of the event committees or Executive Board.  Our goal is to have every family volunteer at least one time a year.To volunteer, for more information, or if you just want to ask any other questions, you can always email us at are some current openings that we are actively seeking volunteers for:

DASA Coordinator (2 Open Positions)

DASA (Driscoll After School Activities) offers a variety of after school classes for all Driscoll students.  This program is one of the major fundraising programs for the PTO, and requires parent volunteers to keep it running.  We need two parents to take over this program in the Fall: we are looking for one who can handle more of the back-end work, lining up instructors and handling online student registration; and one to be more of a presence at school to assist with the transitions, especially the first week of each of the three sessions.We are offering an incentive for parents volunteering for this position: both of the DASA Coordinators will receive free DASA enrollment for their children (base level classes only).

Early Release Movies Coordinator (2 Open Positions)

The PTO offers movies on Early Release Days (four times in the Fall and four times in the Spring).  This both allows parents the convenience of picking their children up at the normal pickup time, and raises money for the PTO.  We are looking for people who can be responsible for the movies, from purchasing snack and supplies beforehand, to working with the Volunteer Coordinator to line up parent volunteers to staff the movies.  (It is important that any volunteers can be at school for all of the early release days).We are offering an incentive for parents volunteering for this position: both of the Early Release Movie Coordinators will receive free movie enrollment for their children.

Spring Fair Committee Chairs (2 Open Positions) 

The Spring Fair is one of our most popular events, and is held every May.  We are looking for two parents, preferably with younger children, to join our Spring Fair committee to replace parents whose children are moving onto high school.  They will be working with the existing committee chairs to help organize and carry out the Spring Fair, from dealing with food and ride vendors, recruiting parent volunteers, and more.  (It is important that any volunteers can be at school for the entire day of the Spring Fair to assist with setup).

Driscoll Science Fair Committee Chairs (2 Open positions)

The Driscoll Science Fair takes place every year in early March. It’s a great opportunity for kids in grades K-8 to learn about the scientific method hands-on and to present their findings. The winners from the middle school have the opportunity to move on to the regional and even state science fairs. Being a co-chair is a fun and rewarding way to contribute to the Driscoll community! The current co-chairs are seeking 2 parents to join them this year and take over the Science Fair for the 2020-2021 school year. Responsibilities:Fall (~5 hours total):

  • Maintain the Science Fair website - this is fairly easy to do. It’s on weebly and the primary thing that needs updating each year is the dates.
  • Schedule the Science Fair date and coordinate with the school/Brookline to reserve the cafeteria and gym

 January (~4 hours per co-chair)

  • Meet with middle school teachers/students to encourage participation (optional)
  • Order trophies, participation awards, and other supplies. Book science show if you would like to have one while the judges are deliberating.
  • Contact potential judges to secure them for the date
  • Work with PTO to include blurb in newsletter. Put signs on doors at Driscoll.

 February (~4 hours per co-chair)

  • Work with volunteer coordinator to get parent volunteers for the day of the event
  • Update handouts for event that include schedule and bios for judges
  • Stop by office periodically to pick up registration forms and registration fees
  • Towards the end of the month (after Feb break), begin assembling list of participants and mapping out table layout

 Event in early March (~4 hours planning, 2-3 hours for setup, 5 hours day of event per co-chair)

  • The week of the event is quite busy, but the current 2 co-chairs both have full time jobs and were able to get everything done in the evenings, so it is doable!
  • Setup the night before at Driscoll
  • Host the event (usually Saturday morning) and have fun learning about the kids projects!

 After the event (~2 hours total)

  • Submit receipts to PTO for reimbursement
  • Help middle school students submit applications to the regional fair